MFS has developed a range of resources for use by teachers, parents and carers to assist in educating children on fire safety.

The MFS Schools Fire Safety Program and Poster Competition is back for term 3 and 4.

In it's 20th year, this eagerly anticipated annual education program is loads of fun while at the same time giving life saving information to primary school children and their families.

This year the program is offered to all South Australian children from Reception to Year 6 with lesson plans being provided to all Junior Primary and Primary School Teachers as well as Out of School Hours Care facilities. Once the lessons have been delivered by teachers, children are encouraged to create a poster or drawing illustrating their understanding of the fire safety messages.

The poster competition closes on Friday 4 November 2022.

Gift vouchers will be awarded for the winning entries in each year level, along with Merit Certificates. Every student receives a participation gift.

The Poster competition can be incorporated into the Australian Curriculum using General Capabilities – Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability – across a range of Learning Areas, but in particular Health and Physical Education, Technologies, English, Languages and The Arts.

The choice of activity is determined by the Australian Curriculum links.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Information including the lesson plans and how to enter the poster competition are included in this booklet:

2022 MFS Schools Fire Safety Program and Poster Competition.

Winning Posters will be displayed in MFS Fire Stations and here on the MFS website.

We appreciate your support and we’re excited to see what this year’s competition brings.

Winners will be notified and prizes will be distributed week commencing 21 November 2022.

Winning poster entries from previous year's competition:

Reception - coloured in by Maddie

MFS Image - 2021 Reception Winner

Year 1 - hand drawn by Leana

MFS Image - 2021 Year 1 Winner

Year 2 - hand drawn by Salli

MFS image - 2021 Year 2 Winner

Year 3 - hand drawn by Chelsea

MFS image - 2021 Year 3 Winner

Year 4 - hand drawn by Peter

MFS image - 2021 Year 4 Winner

Year 5 - hand drawn by Lily

MFS image - 2021 Year 5 Winner

Year 6 - hand drawn by April

MFS Image - 2021 Year 6 Winner

Year 7 - hand drawn by Charles

MFS Image - 2021 Year 7 Winner

The MFS has developed a range of Home Fire Safety Lesson Plans that teachers, parents and caregivers can download to assist with teaching children about fire safety.

Lesson Plan - 4 to 5 years

Lesson Plan - 6 to 8 years

Lesson Plan - 9 to  11 years

Lesson Plan - Parent/Caregiver

Learning Outcomes

Our Home Fire Safety Lesson Plans aim to teach children:

  • how to identify / name good fires and bad fires
  • what number to call if there's a fire emergency
  • not to play with fire lighting items and materials
  • what to do if their clothes catch fire.


Materials outlined in the lesson plans can be found here:

For schools and pre-schools, we have a limited range of free educational resources available. These resources are not available for private parties.

To apply for these resources please complete the educational resources request form below.

Educational Resource Request Form

Activities for children

For a range of activity books, puzzles, colouring in sheets and sing-a-longs, visit our Kid's Corner.

Fire Safety Posters

We have a range of coloured posters for you to download and display in your classroom.

Has your child been lighting fires, playing with lighters or displaying behaviours that are not fire safe?

Our free, confidential, Juvenile Fire Lighters Interviention Program (J-FLIP) helps families address the issue of children playing with fire.

For more information visit our Juvenile Fire Lighters Intervention Program (J-FLIP).

Want more resources for children's activities?

Visit our Kid's Corner