Eligibility to Apply

No. There is no age limit to apply, but you must meet the driver's licence eligibility requirements.

You must hold a current and valid C Class (Car) driver's licence when applying for the role. A probationary or provisional driver's licence will not be accepted.

For further information on driver's licences see the pre-application section under the recruitment process.

Yes. Providing that licence is the equivalent to the minimum South Australian licence required.

First aid certification is no longer a prerequisite to apply.

For further information on the required First Aid Qualifications see the pre-application section under the recruitment process.

You must have permanent residency status and full rights to work in Australia.

For further information on residency requirements see the pre-application section under the recruitment process.

  • Birth Certificate (if born in Australia)
  • Australian passport
  • Certificate of Australian Citizenship
  • Certificate of Australian Residency
  • Other evicence of permanent residency issued by the Department of Home Affairs.

No. A Medicare card is not evidence of residency and is not a Concession Card.

The MFS Uniform and Dress Code states that,

"visible tattoos must not be excessive or offensive to recognised standards of decency or reflect adversely on the professional image the community expects from employees serving in the MFS."

Acceptance or not would be at the discretion of the Chief Officer in accordance with the MFS Uniform and Dress Code.

You are required to provide a Driver Licence History report as part of the application process.

For further information on driver history see Stage 3: Driver History and Tattoo Images checks section under the recruitment process.

As part of the application process you are required to give the MFS consent to obtain personal information relating to criminal history. This information shows a record of offences even when a conviction has not been recorded.

The results of any criminal history screening process are considered on a case-by-case basis.

For further information on criminal history see the pre-employment checks section under the recruitment process.

The current MFS medical Standards consider colour blindness to be unsuitable with the role and therefore may disqualify you from becoming a full-time firefighter.

As part of the mandatory testing, thorough medical examinations are conducted on applicants who progress through the selection process.

For further information, please refer to our Medical Standards document.

As part of the medical examination, an audiology examination will be conducted without the use of hearing aids.

Average hearing thresholds should be equal to or better than 40dB in the better ear. Average hearing threshold is the simple average of pure tone air conduction thresholds at 500, 1000, 2000 and 3000 Hz.

For further information, please refer to our Medical Standards document.

The MFS has full-time firefighter positions in both Mount Gambier and Port Pirie Stations. Suitable applicants living within those regional locations are encouraged to apply.


For more information see the Regional (Retained) Firefighters page on the MFS website.

All correspondence will be through email. If you do not have a computer or internet access we suggest you use computers available at public libraries or an internet cafe. You can register for an email account with providers such as Yahoo.com, Gmail.com or Hotmail.com.

The MFS website is the best place to gather information relating to the role of an MFS firefighter. It provides you with all the information required to submit an application and prepare for the recruitment process.

It is important to carefully read the MFS Full-time Firefighter Position Information Document (PID) and consider if your experiences and skill sets are compatible with requirements.

Position Information Document (PID)


The MFS will only accept applications for a set period of time - generally two weeks.

Application dates will be published on our website.

For more information on the application process see the Online Application and Application Fee section under the Recruitment Process.

No. you are not required to submit a CV / Resume or any other documents with your initial online application. These documents will be requested at a later date, should you progress through the stages.

For more information on the required documentation see the recruitment process.

Recruitment campaigns are determined by operational requirements within the MFS.

We encourage you to monitor our website and social media pages as they will always advertise and promote our upcoming recruitment campaigns.

The MFS has a non-fundable $100 fee to participate in the Full-time Firefighter Recruitment and Selection Process. The fee wholly contributes to expenses incurred by the MFS in the administration, testing and processing of applications.

The fee is not refundable.

For more information on the application process see the Stage 1: Online Application and Application Fee under the recruitment process.

The MFS recruit on an as needs basis.

We encourage you to monitor our website and social media pages as they will always adertise and promote our upcoming Recruitment Campaigns.

Online applications carry a lifecycle of two years. You are ineligible to re-apply within the two year lifecycle period.

Any applicant who deliberately supplies false, incomplete or misleading information in an attempt to gain employment with MFS will be disqualified from further consideration for employment.

If you do not have access to computer or internet services, please contact us on (08) 8204 3600.

Selection Process

The MFS Recruitment and Selection process is a rolling program of assessments. Each assessment has a lifecycle, or a period where the results of that assessment remain valid. Online applications are valid for two years, during which time you may be emailed to participate in various parts of the process.

An application may take anywhere from five to 24 months to progress from application to offer.

We will try to provide as much notice as possible, however you may only be given one week's notice to attend any stage of the process.

The Personality Profiling and Abilities Assessment is now known as the Cognitive Ability Assessment and the Personality and Behaviour Assessment. Both assessments are now conducted online and can be taken at home. There are no physical requirements for these assessments.

For more information on the application process, see the Cognitive Ability Assessment and Personality and Behavioural Assessment (Stage 2) section under the Recruitment Process.

No. Previous tests are not available.

The Cognitive Ability Assessment and the Personality and Behaviour Assessment assessments are now online. They can be taken wherever you have consistent internet access to complete the test. You must submit the assessment within the timeframe allocated.

You must be available in Adelaide, South Australia for both Physical Aptitude Tests and the interview. You will be required to attend on the day and at locations outlined by the MFS.

If you are unable to attend due to illness or extenuating circumstances, assessments may be rescheduled at a time determined by the MFS. This will be subject to a medical clearance and the provision of a medical certificate or other evidence as determined by the MFS.

Should a medically certified illness keep you from sitting a test for a period exceeding the allocated time period, your test will be rescheduled to the next available opportunity subject to the tests lifecycle.

Rescheduling of physical tests will be at the discretion of the MFS and are not guaranteed.

No. There are no specific areas of study that would necessarily increase the success of your application.

Full-time Firefighter vacancies with the MFS are determined by operational requirements. The number of vacancies will vary between recruitment campaigns.

Your outcome will be provided via email following each stage of the process. No further feedback will be provided outside of this.

the MFS are unable to provide results or feedback for the Cognitive Ability Assessment and the Personality and behaviour assessment as these are the property of the administrators.

Recruit Training

Yes. Recruits are paid from their start date with the MFS based on the Recruit Firefighter Award Rate. The current gross rate of pay for Recruit firefighers is $1,034.03 per week (current as of 1 January 2020, as per the SA Metropolitan Fire Service Enterprise Agreement)  (PDF, 2.3MB).

The majority of the Recruit Course takes place at the Angle Park Training Centre, with various components held also at the Adelaide Metropolitan Fire Station. There is also a 5 day live-in component at the CFS State Training Centre in Brukunga.

The length of the recruit training course is outlined under the recruit training course and beyond section under the Application Process.


The live-in component of the Recruit training course is outlined under the recruit training course and beyond section under the Application Process.

Employment and Conditions

Yes, there is a probationary period of 12 months fromc ommencement of date of employment as a Recruit Firefighter.

It is possible that you may be offered employment at Port Pirie or Mount Gambier Fire Stations where full-time crews are employed. If you decline this offer you may be made a second offer in the next recruit course, if there is one scheduled.

All recruits select a preference to work at a permanent station. A position at your preferred station may not be available and therefore is not guaranteed when you graduate. you may have to work as a reliever - working at any and all fire stations within the MFS Metropolitan area until a permanent position becomes available at your preferred station.

No. The MFS does not current accept requests for lateral transfers from other States or Territories within Australia, or other countries. All applicants must go through the full selection process as detailed on the website and if successful, must complete the full recruit training course.

Prior service as a firefighter in another fire authority will not be recognised for promotion in the MFS. However, following the completion of one year of service, staff may apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL) for progression through the MFS Staff Development Framework, up to the rank of Senior Firefigher only.

Rates of pay and other employment conditions are outlined in the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service Enterprise Agreement.

Firefighters are entitled to up to 18 weeks paid Maternity Leave and up to 12 months leave after having a child. After this they can return to their previous role as a firefighter. Whilst pregnant, firefighters are offered a range of  non-hazardous duties.

Paternity leave is available for four days for eligible firefighters.

In accordance with the Emergency Management (South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service Workers) (COVID-19) Direction 2022 under the Emergency Management Act 2004,  the MFS currently requires all employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to engage in work or perform duties as an MFS worker.  Applicants for all positions in the MFS must there be able to provide evidence of having an up to date COVID-19 vaccination status, and must be prepared to maintain that status as required under the direction of the MFS.  Applicants who are unable to show this evidence will not be eligible to be made an offer of employment.