Our Purpose


Trusted to safeguard the irreplaceable.

Empower our Community

By providing education, training, and resources, we will prepare individuals and the community to be safer and more prepared to face anything.

Empower our People

Fostering a sense of ownership, motivation and job satisfaction among our staff, leading to enhanced performance, innovation, and a higher level of fulfilment.

Enrich our People

Fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, enabling personal and professional growth, and promoting work-life balance, we aim to enhance the overall wellbeing and satisfaction of our staff.

Enrich our Community

Our proactive approach enables us to implement preventive measures, develop robust contingency plans, and offer targeted resources to support and enhance the resilience and wellbeing of our community.

Our Mission

Building a world-class fire and rescue service.  We strive to be:


Arriving at incidents as quickly as possible, to keep our community safe and reduce public disruption.


Our operating model provides a clear and collaborative organisational structure.  We contribute to a unified emergency services sector. We are connected to our community, delivering impact through education partnerships and prevention awareness programs.


Our infrastructure footprint meets the evolving needs of the community. We are seen as an employer of choice through inclusive and industry leading recruitment strategies.


We are a nimble workforce which is deeply connected to all segments of our diverse community.


We utilise and consider emerging technology to enhance our capabilities. We deliver an industry best practice service and are seen as a sector innovator.


We have defined success measures which demonstrate to our community, stakeholders and corporate partners how we are delivering on public value and impact.