If you live, work or travel in or through an area where bushfires can occur, you need to be prepared and know what to do should a bushfire start. A common mistake is thinking that bushfires only occur in or impact rural areas, when in fact they can have devastating impacts on built up or metropolitan areas.

Many metropolitan suburbs are situated within an urban interface. This is the area where human development meets or joins agricultural land, native vegetation, national parks and any undeveloped area. Most regional towns are also classed as urban interface areas.

If you live in an urban interface you must prepare yourself and your property in exactly the same way as you would if you lived in a bushfire prone area.

You must always be aware of the daily fire danger rating where you live, work or travel, and have made and discussed your Bushfire Survival Plan with your household and / or your employer.

You should know what the range of warning messages mean and plan what you will do if a bushfire starts in your area. View the SA Country Fire Service (CFS) website to understand the range of warning messages

Each member of your household should also download and know how to use the Alert SA and Emergency Plus mobile apps before you need them. For more information on these apps please see our Apps for downloading  page.

You will find bushfire information to assist in your planning at cfs.sa.gov.au.

Bushfire Information Hotline 1800 362 361.