The MFS is legislated under Regulation 103 to verify the satisfactory operation of certain installed fire safety systems before a Certificate of Occupancy can be issued for a building. This is confirmed through inspection and functionality testing of monitored fire detection and alarm systems, boosted fire hydrant and sprinkler systems, and smoke hazard management systems.

The functionality testing performed by the MFS pursuant to Regulation 103 is not a commissioning test for the purposes of complying with the National Construction Code (NCC) or the respective system installation standards. The functionality testing performed by the MFS is to verify the operation of the specified fire safety systems to adequately facilitate firefighting activities and intervention by the MFS in the event of a fire in the building, thus meeting the functional requirements of Regulation 103.

Commissioning of installed fire safety systems in accordance with the requirements of the relevant design and installation standard(s) must be conducted by the installing contractor. The system(s) need to be commissioned and confirmed as meeting the requirements of the standard(s) prior to the Regulation 103 functionality inspection and test. Failure to do so may result in the installed system(s) failing to meet the requirements of the design standard(s). The MFS is not a compliance auditor, however any obvious non-compliances will be identified and will likely require rectification prior to a satisfactory Regulation 103 report being issued. A reinspection or retest may be required.

When organising the Regulation 103 inspection and test it is important to note that at the time of inspection the site must not be a construction site for occupational health and safety reasons. The MFS generally expects the fire contractor’s scope of works to be completed with only minor fitout works outstanding, such as painting and joinery or appliance installation.  There must be no unfinished construction work and the site must be clear of any electrical hazards, trip hazards and the like.  The site also needs to be fully accessible to fire crews who would be responding to an automatic fire alarm notification.  Construction workers should not be onsite during the inspection/testing.

In the event that these expectations are not met, the attending Officer reserves the right to refuse to conduct any test or inspection.

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For further information on MFS Equipment Specifications, Policies and Guidelines relevant to the below fire safety systems, please refer to the Guidelines and Information page.

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