In South Australia any fire alarm system required to be monitored by the National Construction Code or Australian Standards is monitored directly by the MFS Communications Centre.  MFS monitored alarms systems must meet the requirements of MFS Built Environment Section Policy 037 Fire Alarm Conditions of Connection.

Information regarding applications for the connection of a new fire alarm system to be monitored by the MFS or alterations to existing monitored alarm systems can be found in the Fire Authority Referral – PDI Regulation 103.

Fees and charges in relation to MFS monitored alarm systems apply and can be found on the South Australian Government Gazette under the “Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005” section.

The MFS attends privately (security company) monitored fire alarm activations when contacted by the private monitoring company or in the event a member of the public calls triple zero (000).

The MFS may levy a fee if the alarm activation was deemed to be an avoidable unwanted alarm activation.

Any queries regarding a privately monitored fire alarm should be directed to the party responsible for system monitoring.

Changes and disconnections made to a prescribed automatic fire alarm system must be authorised by the relevant authority, either local council or private certifier (South Australia)  however any changes must also be in accordance with all relevant legislation.

Should you have complied with all relevant legislation the MFS will Require for disconnection:

  1. Confirmation of  Approval to disconnect letter form the relevant Council or certifier must be provided to the MFS prior to any disconnection or removal of monitoring service.
  2. All outstanding Fire alarm Billing and Charges need to be settled.
  3. Keys for the premises will need to be collocated from the MFS.  please contact (08) 8204 3693 / (08) 8204 3696 during business hours. Otherwise, any keys held that are no longer required will be destroyed.
  4. Once MFS have disconnected, you will need to cancel your TELSTRA Connection. For cancellation of the Telstra Managed Fire Alarm Service contact: 1800 959 555 or

Please complete the Application for Disconnection/Cancellation of SAMFS Monitored Fire Alarm online form below.

Application for Disconnection/Cancellation of SAMFS Monitored Fire Alarm