The MFS Road Awareness Program (RAP) gives an open and honest insight into the experience of firefighters working in road crash rescue and provides a hard-hitting, realistic insight into road trauma.

RAP seeks to actively engage and empower drivers and other road users through positive peer pressure and its core message: “You get to choose the risk; but you don’t get to choose the consequences”.

Statistics show that road crashes are one of the major causes of death and serious injury for 16-24 years olds in South Australia. Whilst there is a significant downward trend in the fatalities for this age group, the statistics for fatalities in other age groups remain static.

Through RAP we can work towards keeping our mates safe on the roads with an honest, straightforward message, delivered through a powerful road safety presentation.

“One of the best presentations I have seen. Massive reality check. The presentation was fantastic and very engaging."

Flagstaff Hill Football Club

About the RAP presentation

RAP is delivered by specially trained firefighters to both young and experienced drivers across South Australia and interstate. Originally designed for students in Year 11, its broad appeal and effectiveness has allowed us to expand our reach into workplaces, sporting clubs, correctional services facilities and community groups.

The 90 minute presentation provides attendees with a confronting and realistic insight into road crash trauma, including vision of real crashes and crash survivors. Firefighters also address the lasting trauma from injuries and fatalities, including the ongoing impact of loss and disability for victims and families.

A central element of the program is a talk by a real life road crash survivor, many now living with permanent disability or a family member who has lost a loved one. Attendees usually find this element of the presentation the most emotional, but draw inspiration from the crash survivors’ resilience and strength.

Past attendees who’ve experienced the program describe it as “confronting” and “hard-hitting”, but that it has an enormous positive impact, not only in their approach to road use, but in their attitude as responsible members of society. We believe that after completing the RAP people are equipped with a broader understanding of how their choices impact others, and how they can support each other to make better decisions.

“This program is one of the only programs I will ever remember and look back to. The information I learnt has helped me and many other people in saving lives.”

Pinnacle College – Elizabeth East

RAP Presentation cost

RAP is provided free of charge across South Australia to schools, sporting clubs, community groups and correctional centres.

For workplaces, we charge a small cost recovery fee.

"I am walking out of this room as a better person than I used to be."

Schneider Electric

Booking a RAP presentation

RAP is not recommended for people under the age of 15 years. Some video footage shown in the presentation is graphic, but has been edited to ensure suitability for adult audiences. Some material may be upsetting, particularly for those who have a personal experience with road trauma. Attendees are warned before being exposed to graphic footage.

To book a RAP presentation, please fill out the RAP request form.

If you would like further information please call 8204 3611 (country and interstate callers 1300 737 637) or email

“I am determined to be a safe driver now and am going to be a positive influence when driving with friends.”

Hallett Cove R-12 School

Attendee feedback

We are proud to be the road safety program of choice for many schools, businesses, community groups and peak sporting bodies across Australia. We receive moving feedback from RAP attendees which inspires our firefighters and crash survivors to continue their efforts in keeping our mates safe on our roads.

"Very chilling, sobering reminder of our responsibility as road users and role models."

Adelaide Crows Football Club Indigenous Youth Leadership Program