In the event that an installed fire of life safety system will be impaired for some reason, the relevant authority and stakeholders should be notified as soon as practicable in advance of the system impairment (where possible).  Such events may be planned, such as the isolation of a system to facilitate maintenance or replacement works, or unplanned, such as a street water main rupture.

The impairment of a fire safety system may have implications for the safe occupation or use of a building and additional safety or mitigation measures may need to be implemented.

Notification of the impairment of an installed fire or life safety system and its potential safety or building compliance implications needs to be provided to, and authority to proceed, granted by those having responsibility over the property and the installed safety systems within it.  This would include the building owner, local council or private certifier (as appropriate), private alarm monitoring company (where engaged), property manager and/or other relevant parties.

The MFS is not an authority that has jurisdiction over such matters.  Therefore, notification to the MFS of the impairment of a fire safety system does not constitute MFS acceptance or approval. The MFS will not accept any liability for the impairment of a fire or life safety system by others. It is, however, important that the MFS be notified of the impairment of any fire or life safety system in order to best inform an emergency response to the site.

Notification to the MFS should occur at least 14 days prior to the scheduled maintenance work or as soon as possible for emergency maintenance work or unexpected system failures.

To notify the MFS to the impairment of a fire safety system please submit the Notice of Impairment online form below.

MFS Notice of Impairment