The South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) is responsible for protecting the community from the effects of fires, road crashes, dangerous substances and other emergencies. Our role includes prevention and education, preparedness, and response and recovery activities.

Established in 1862, the MFS headquarters is based in the city of Adelaide, there are also 20 metropolitan stations and 17 stations located in larger regional centres.

The MFS workforce is comprised of approximately 1200 personnel including full-time and retained (regional part-time) firefighters and non-operational personnel, spread across the 37 stations and a range of support facilities through South Australia.

As a public sector organisation funded by the South Australian public, the MFS puts the needs of the community first, ensuring a strong focus on education, prevention and building resilience. Our personnel engage with the South Australian community to better understand their needs, work with them to identify and reduce any risks they may face.

We are proud of our State and the services we provide to the people of South Australia.

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