MFS Vision

A safer and more prosperous South Australia

Fires and other emergencies have the potential to harm the public and the things they value. We seek to actively reduce the number of preventable emergency incidents that occur and ensure our organisation and communities are better prepared for those emergencies that do happen.

MFS Mission

Help protect South Australian lives, property, environment and economy

First and foremost, the MFS is here to protect lives and where it is reasonable and practicable, our firefighters will take measured risks to save members of the public. In addition, the MFS also seeks to reduce the potential economic, social and environmental impacts of fires and other emergencies by saving property and infrastructure. Each time an emergency is promptly normalised or contained – lives, jobs and productivity are saved.

What our vision and mission mean

Our community comes first

The MFS places the highest value on protecting the public. This means that the decisions we make, in emergency and non-emergency situations will be community focused and on the basis of community outcomes and public value.

To achieve our vision and mission we have prioritised three key areas of focus. These are:

  1. Adopting a community focus – we will establish our organisational priorities on the basis of public benefit and value.
  2. Striving for operational excellence – we are committed to delivering best practice frontline services and will take all reasonable steps to protect the South Australian community, economy and environment.
  3. Ensuring effective preparedness and public value – we are accountable to the community and aim to ensure the services we provide are effective, efficient, appropriately governed and represent public value.