The MFS has a number of career presentations (outlined below) available to assist the community in understanding the role of a firefighter .

MFS Career Information Sessions are available to people aged 15 years and older and are suitable for community groups, high schools, sporting clubs and career expos.

There is no cost involved in booking a session, however some presentations require in-house audio-visual equipment.

All venues must offer MFS firefighters a COVIDSAfe Check-In and, along with all participants, must follow SA Health and SA Government COVIDSAfe requirements.

To book a career information session please complete the Career Information Session online form below.

Career Information Session

The static display is staffed by two MFS firefighters who interact with the public and answer questions relating to the role of a firefighter and the recruitment process.

The stand includes firefighting equipment and uniforms, enabling people to get a close-up look at the specialist tools and Personal Protective Equipment used by MFS firefighters.

This style of presentation is suited to a Careers night event or Career expos where people walk through and visit stalls that interest them.

The career presentation is delivered by one MFS firefighter to a seated audience and is for approximately one hour.

With the use of a PowerPoint style presentation, our firefighter will have an in-depth discussion with the audience about the traits, skills and abilities of a firefighter.

Topics covered include, but are not limited to;

  • the role of the MFS in the community
  • the responsibilities of a firefighter
  • types of incidents the MFS attends
  • MFS shift structure
  • training and education
  • the recruitment processes.

At the conclusion of the session there will be an opportunity to look at firefighting equipment and uniforms, and ask questions.

The venue / host is required to provide appropriate audio-visual equipment for presentations.

A career focus tour of Adelaide Fire Station is conducted by two MFS firefighters and is approximately 1.5 hours.

The tour will include a short presentation on firefighting as a career and conclude with an informative tour of Adelaide Fire Station (99 Wakefield Street, Adelaide).   If a fire truck is available to view, a static display can be set up showcasing all of the specialist equipment.

There is a minimum of eight and a maximum of 30 attendees and everyone must be 15 years of age or older.

All attendees must use the COVIDSAfe Check-In and follow SA Health and SA Government CovidSAfe requirements.

For information on public, school and educational based station tours, please visit our Community Engagement page .

This is a 90-minute workout session which provides an insight into the fitness and strength required to become a firefighter.

This session is run by an MFS firefighters and goes for approximately 1.5 hours. It is best suited to a grassed oval, however it can be done in a gym setting.

We will supply all equipment needed for the session.

There is a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 24 participants for these sessions.

Please view the PAT 1 & PAT 2 video below which demonstrates the physical tasks. Review these and confirm with our firefighter the suitability of these activities for your group. We will contact your prior to session and will remove all tasks deemed not suitable.

You will be required to assist with the set up.

All injuries or prior conditions that may put a participant at risk must be disclosed prior to participation. While all possible care is taken, the MFS will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained to participants.

For further information please read our Career Information Session - fitness for firefighting fact sheet.