Never Use Water on a Fat Fire

Cooking is one of the biggest causes of fire in the home: over 50% of all house fires begin in the kitchen.  Sadly, these fires can escalate into serious house fires or become devastating burn injuries because people panic and don’t know how to put the fire out.

You must NEVER use water to put out a fat fire. It will explode and you and the room will be covered in burning oil.  And you should NEVER try to carry the burning pan outside as it's very likely that you'll spill the burning oil on yourself and spread the fire as you go.

The best way to put out a fire on the stove is with a fire blanket. Then turn the stove off, leave the fire blanket in place and call 000 for the fire service. If you don’t have a fire blanket, use a saucepan lid or even the breadboard to cover the pan – anything which will starve the fire of oxygen and smother it.

Every kitchen should be equipped with a fire blanket! Fire blankets which meet Australian Standard AS/NZS 3504 are not expensive and they are readily available at hardware and variety stores.

When you teach your children how to cook, make sure you also teach them about fire safety and how to put out a fire.

The MFS recommends you take a moment to download and read our home fire safety information sheet "Cooking" to ensure you and your children are prepared in the event of a fire in the kitchen.