The Career Firefighter

At the MFS, we receive hundreds of enquiries each year from people who want to be firefighters. We aim to be fair to all applicants in our recruitment and selection processes. You may appreciate the difficulty for all parties concerned when someone recruited as a firefighter discovers that being a firefighter is not what they thought it would be. The following list of questions has been put together to help you decide whether being a firefighter is really for you. Simply answer Yes or No to each of the following questions.

Do you have what it takes to be a firefighter?

Are you committed to ongoing learning and development?
Are you genuinely interested in people? Can you relate to people from different backgrounds and cultures?
Have you worked as part of a close knit team? Can you work under pressure without letting the rest of your team down?
Can you think on your feet and solve problems when you know a lot depends on the suggestions you come up with?
Do you have the sensitivity to deal with members of the public when they are distressed, confused, or being obstructive?
Do you believe you will be able to cope with serious trauma or fatalities where you are required to rescue or remove an injured or deceased adult or child?
Are you committed to always maintaining and developing your skills? Are you prepared to study on top of your normal working day?
Are you prepared for the demands of working in a disciplined uniformed service in which you will have to take orders from other people? Can you accept the need to follow rules that state what you can and cannot wear, including how you should wear your hair?
Are you committed to maintaining your physical fitness? Is regular exercise a part of your everyday life?
Are you prepared to work day and night shifts, weekends, and public holidays?
Are you a practical person who likes to work with their hands and with equipment? Do you enjoy making things or finding out how things work?
Are you someone who can always be relied on to be somewhere on time? Are you someone that others see as dependable?
Are you prepared to commit approximately 14 weeks of your life to an intensive initial training course?
Are you prepared to work outside for several hours at a time in all types of weather, not knowing when a job may finish? 
Can you cope with severe physical discomfort?
Are you prepared to perform mundane tasks such as assisting in the regular maintenance and cleaning of quarters, buildings and grounds?
Are you prepared to wait several years before being eligible for promotion to a higher rank?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above, can you also provide specific examples to support your responses? If you believe you can, ensure you have read through the information on this website and wait for further instructions regarding the next MFS recruitment campaign.

Please note that applications will only be accepted during an active recruitment campaign.