Minimum Entry Requirements

Please read this section carefully as some prerequisite requirements have changed.

As a Firefighter you must have:

  • sound literacy and numeracy skills;
  • sufficient basic physical strength and the capacity for rapid, intense and sustained effort;
  • the self-discipline to be able to accept and carry out orders;
  • a sympathetic and caring approach towards the victims of emergencies, together with the mental fortitude to continue working in sometimes harrowing circumstances.

Driver's Licence

At the time of application, you must hold as a minimum a current and valid C Class (Car) driver’s licence. Probationary/provisional driver’s licences are not acceptable. 

While a C Class driver’s licence is the minimum requirement to apply for a position, it is a condition of appointment that you obtain your MR driver’s licence at your own expense prior to the commencement of the recruit course. Time will be afforded to applicants during the recruitment process to obtain the MR driver’s licence. 

An HR driver’s licence must be achieved within the first 12 months of employment in order to progress from 4th Class Firefighter to 3rd Class Firefighter. Firefighters will need to obtain this licence at their own expense.

For further information regarding licence classes and minimum requirements please visit

First Aid

First Aid accreditation is not a pre-requisite requirement to apply.  However, it is a condition of appointment that you obtain the appropriate accreditation at your own expense prior to the commencement of the Recruit Course.

Application Fee

The MFS has introduced a fee to participate in the Firefighter Recruitment and Selection Process. The fee is $100 per applicant. The fee is not refundable and wholly contributes to expenses incurred by the MFS in the administration, testing and processing of applications. The MFS do not retain any part of this fee.

Holders of Centrelink issued concession cards may be exempt from paying the administration fee. If you are claiming exemption, you will be required to provide a copy of your card as evidence in order to progress to the next stage. Failure to present the card will exclude you from undertaking the assessment.

Please be advised that the results of the Personality Profiling and Abilities assessment are the property of SAFESELECT and are not provided to applicants or any other parties. Payment of the application fee does not guarantee employment with the MFS.


To be competitive in the Recruitment and Selection process you must have, and be prepared to maintain a high level of physical fitness. You must also undergo a thorough medical examination prior to being accepted.

National Criminal History Record Check

As part of the process, applicants are required to give consent for the MFS to obtain personal information relating to criminal history. The information shows a record of offences even when a conviction has not been recorded. Please note that findings of guilt without conviction and findings of guilt resulting in a good behaviour bond are findings of guilt and will be released for the MFS’s consideration.

The results of any criminal history screening process are considered on a case-by-case basis.

SAMFS has certain minimum requirements that must be met before you can apply.

Driver History

Applicants will be required to provide details of all traffic infringements over the last 10 years. Eg. All speeding fines, driving under influence (alcohol or drugs) etc. 

Serious traffic offences within the past 10 years will be considered grounds for a 10 year disqualification from consideration as a potential employee from date of offence.

Matters considered as a serious traffic offence include but are not limited to:

  • Exceed Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol – 0.1% BAC or over or refuse (or previously fail to provide) alcohol tests, including fail to accompany or fail to remain for testing
  • Two or more offences of exceeding Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol under 0.1% BAC
  • Driving under the influence of drugs
  • Found guilty, charge proven for offence of driving whilst licence suspended, cancelled or disqualified
  • Found guilty, charge proven for offence of driving in a manner or speed dangerous.
  • Refusing to stop when requested to do so by a law enforcement officer
  • Refusing a breath test or drug test

Birth Certificate / Residency

Applicants must produce a copy of their birth certificate as proof of identification and have permanent residence status in Australia. An applicant who is not a citizen of Australia or New Zealand, must produce evidence of their ability to permanently reside in Australia, for example, a certificate of Australian Residency issued by the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Border Protection (formerly Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs) or a passport indicating permanent entry.

Computer Skills

Evidence of competency in the use of Microsoft Office (Word and Outlook) is no longer required however in accordance with the Position Description, applicants are required to have the ability to use current information technology including the application of Microsoft Word and Outlook.