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Heater safety

MFS image - 2019-06-07 Cropped Home Heating

The MFS is reinforcing the importance of keeping anything flammable at least two metres from the heater during the colder months.

Over the past four years MFS and Country Fire Service (CFS) firefighters have battled 139 house fires linked to heaters, solid fuel fires and open fires. [More here…]



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Cooking fire safety

Station Officer Craig Felix  demonstrates how to use a fire blanket in the event of a cooking fire.




In an Emergency

Call Triple Zero in an emergency. Clicking this link will take you to a page with information on how Triple Zero works and when to use it. 106 is the Australian text-based emergency service number. Clicking this link will take you to the Relay Service website with information about 106 Text Emergency Services. It will open in a new tab or window.
Call 1300 362 361 for the latest information on bushfires from the South Australian Country Fire Service.  


Out and About

MFS full-time firefighter Pre Application Seminars


MFS Image - firefighters hot fire training


The MFS will be hosting four identical two-hour Pre Application Information Sessions at Adelaide Fire Station.


Thursday, 27 June - 1 pm

Thursday, 27 June - 6 pm

Tuesday, 9 July - 1 pm

Tuesday, 9 July - 6 pm.


The optional sessions will cover the role of the MFS and the skills and abilities needed as a firefighter.


Strictly 400 people per session. More info and bookings here

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