Monthly Fire Safety Tip

Power board safety

Overloaded electrical circuits and power boards are common causes of fires in homes.

MFS provides the following tips for the safe use of power boards:

  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for the safe and appropriate use of any electrical item.
  • If using power boards, always ensure to use power boards that have overload cut out switches.
  • Never plug multiple power boards into each other or a single power point.
  • Unwind power cords fully before use, including the power cord inside a vacuum cleaner. This will reduce the chances of heat build-up.
  • Discard malfunctioning electrical appliances or power boards or have them repaired by a qualified repairer.
  • Ensure all electrical items are compliant with the relevant Australian Standards.


The MFS recommends you take a moment to download and read our home fire safety information sheet on Electrical Hazards.