PFAS Information – Helpful links


If you live immediately near Largs North Fire Station and have further questions, please call 1800 531 899.


The Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) recommends the following sources for current and reliable information about PFAS.



Australian Government 


Department of Health PFAS Information Line: 1800 941 180 (For any health enquiries, please note they are not medically trained)


Australian Government PFAS website


Australian Government PFAS Health Advice


South Australia – Local Advice


Australian Government Department of Health Fact Sheet


Australian Government Department of Health Information Sheet ‘Health Based Guidance Values for PFAS – for use in site investigations in Australia’:




MFS website - PFAS Information




EPA Information regarding PFAS on the Le Fevre Peninsula


General PFAS Information


EPA Bore Water Information


SA Health



Visit – and enter the search term ‘PFAS’ Or, visit this link


For information about groundwater (bore water) click here


SA Water


Water quality information here


Who can I contact?


SA Health’s Health Protection & Licensing Service – Phone: (08) 8226 7100.


MFS PFAS - Email: or Phone: 1800 531 899


EPA – Phone: (08) 8204 2004 or Email:




Download this information here: PFAS helpful links. (PDF 152KB)