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On Thursday 26 April 2012, the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) launched a six month period of celebrations to mark its 150th year of serving South Australia, making it one of the oldest legislated (government) fire services in the world.

The Minister for Emergency Services, the Hon. Jennifer Rankine MP joined MFS Chief Officer, Grant Lupton and Hon. Paul Caica MP at Adelaide Fire Station to officially open the celebrations.

Minister Rankine boarded the MFS specialist aerial "Bronto" appliance which was elevated to the top of the Adelaide Fire Station.  Minister Rankine then unveiled a commemorative banner down the walls of Adelaide station to begin the festivities.

26 April is a significant date in the Metropolitan Fire Service´s history. The day marked 88 years since its firefighters bravely fought what is considered to be Port Adelaide´s largest vessel fire. Three firefighters died and ten more were injured.

The current MFS Chief Officer, Grant Lupton said their actions cannot be forgotten.

¨Today is a fitting date to embark on a six month period of commemorative events to mark the history of the MFS serving the community of South Australia," he said. "We encourage South Australians to remember this tragic event, which highlights the bravery, gallantry, leadership and selflessness we expect of our firefighters."

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L-R: Caplain Stuart Hull, Chief Fire Officer Grant Lupton, Minister for Emergency Services The Hon Jennifer Rankine MP, MFS Firefighter Greg Langham and Assistant Chief Fire Officer Greg Crossman.

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Fellow members of the Emergency Services and invited guests.

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Examples of Historical Firemen's PPE Uniforms and Current Serving Firefighters.

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Minister for Emergency Services, The Hon Jennifer Rankine MP, preparing to unveil the 150th Year Celebrations Banner.

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Minister for Emergency Services, The Hon Jennifer Rankine and MFS Firefighters assisting in the 150th Year Celebrations Banner unveil.

Photographer: Shelley Roylance