MFS Victor Harbor crews serving their community

MFS Victor Harbor crews serving their community

Published 11 February 2016

Australian's without a doubt are renowned for their kind hearts and generosity of spirit, never shy to come to the aid of anyone in need.

South Australia's regional areas have experienced severe weather events in recent times and our own MFS crews are often responded to help when their communities are affected by more than just fires. Little is often though of the variety of incidents our crews respond to.

They stand alongside their emergency sector colleagues from SA Police, SA Ambulance Service, SES and CFS salvaging what they can from flash floods and rapidly rising waters; filling sand bags for their neighbours and friends; providing first aid for those caught in rough seas or even searching for missing persons. Our people pride themselves on providing whatever help they can, wherever they can.

Recent events have seen our crews responding in many regional areas and it is with great pride we publish here some of the wonderful work our Victor Harbor crews have done in the line of duty.

MFS Crews from Victor Harbor were amongst the first responders in late January when a family of five was caught in a strong rip at Petrel Cove near Encounter Bay. Crews arrived and were quickly tasked with supporting the SA Ambulance Service looking after those who had been rescued while they waited for their loved ones to be plucked from the water by the rescue helicopter.

The Victor Harbor community has also acknowledged our support during recent flash flooding and the search for a missing person.

Thank you for your attendance today in conjunction with the CFS.

It was most appreciated. This action saved thousands of dollars' worth of Electrical stock and countless extra hours of clean-up would've been needed ...

Thank you and your members again for the great work.

Director, Victor Harbor Betta Home Living

I am aware that your corporate goals espouse that your organisation aims to be recognised not just as an excellent emergency responder but also as an agency that reduces risks to the community, that provides local community with the support they need, that is effectively managed and governed, and that provides excellent value. 

I would like to bring to your attention circumstances that in my opinion demonstrate behaviour indicative of all of those values and goals in particular being of excellent value to SAPOL and the community in time of need ...

There is little to no doubt in my mind that the willing actions of your officers, in hot conditions in very demanding terrain directly and efficiently lead SAPOL to be able to draw a timely conclusion to our preliminary investigation at this scene.  We would not have been able to conduct this task with this outcome without their willing assistance.

I would like to suggest that Mark Ewens and his team on this occasion represented your organisation as true professionals and worked with our organisation in the true spirit of community service.

Criminal Investigation Branch, South Australia Police


MFS encourage the community to let us know if you see our personnel doing something good for the good of the community. Phone us on 8204 3600 during business hours or alternatively email us on