Max on the mend

MFS image - Max IMG_1051In November, the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS), assisted by the Country Fire Service (CFS) and Adelaide Koala Rescue, rescued an injured koala from a tree in Stirling.

People traveling in the area saw the koala fall as the high branch it was perched on broke.

The koala lay motionless on the ground for some time before witnesses saw him gingerly get up and climb back up the tree.

Concerned onlookers contacted the CFS and Adelaide Koala Rescue, who then requested the assistance of MFS aerial appliance 2015 (the Bronto).

A spokeswoman from Adelaide Koala Rescue explained that when she approached the koala he appeared agitated and kept grabbing at his back leg.

“He was also flicking his ears, which is a common indicator that they are in pain,” she continued.

MFS Station Officer Scott Rogers, who assisted with the aerial rescue, was given the opportunity to name the koala, resulting in the cuddly looking creature being called Max.

“Max is my little boy’s name and he loves koalas,” explained Station Officer Rogers. 

Max the koala was taken into care but luckily x-rays didn’t show any signs of breaks or dislocations. He does however have soft tissue damage to his back leg and is receiving treatment. With a little further rehab Max will be released back into the wild.MFS image - Max IMG_1057

A spokeswoman from Adelaide Koala Rescue explained that just because a koala is in a tree, it doesn’t mean they are ok.

“If a Koala has been injured, such as being hit by a car, they could still make their way back up a tree due to the adrenalin pumping through their bodies.”

She added, “It’s always important to get them assessed to ensure their safety and wellbeing. If in doubt, call us out!”