Koala Rescue

Published 13 January 2016

Sunday 10 January started no doubt like any other for a particular Koala living in Craigburn Farm in the Adelaide Hills.

The challenge to eat the required half a kilo of eucalyptus leaves was on.

Leaves always look greener on the other side of the road but as this female koala found, the road is no place for a koala. Unfortunately she was hit not by one but by two cars. The first car drove over her body and the second car drove over her foot.

Obviously hurt, frightened and in shock she took off up to the top of the nearest tree, high above even the nearby lamp post.

Locals and the Koala Rescue team tried to coax the injured koala down and eventually resorted to calling the Metropolitan Fire Service, knowing they had a large aerial rescue appliance which would be of assistance.

Out and about Koala(3)

When a call for help comes in of this nature, providing there's no other major incidents occurring, we rarely say no.

The crew of Adelaide 2015 appliance (the Bronto) arrived and in no time closed the road and set up their koala rescue appliance.

With a multitude of onlookers, the Koala Rescue team working with the MFS crew in the cage of the Bronto, located the frightened and hurt koala, forcing her to climb down out of the tree where waiting arms helped her into a cage.

Out and about Koala(2)

Tired and hurt, she was assessed by the emergency animal centre and we're pleased to report only required a few stitches and some time to get over her bruises. We hear the stitches will probably come out next week and provided her recovery continues she will be released where she was found to continue her quest for 500+grams of eucalyptus leaves a day.

Should anyone find a koala in distress don't hesitate to call the Fauna Rescue line on 1300 KOALAS, or 1300 562 527 for advice or assistance.

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