ANZAC Day Challenge

The ANZAC Day Challenge is a fiercely contested annual football match played between the Australian Combined Emergency Service (ACES) Football team and the Australian Defence Force (ADF) All Stars.

ACES is made up of the best Police, Ambulance and Firefighter footballers' in Australia and the ADF All Stars comprises the best Army, Navy and Airforce footballers in the land. 

The game will be the Curtain Raiser to the Port Adelaide v Geelong AFL clash at Adelaide Oval, the new Australian centrepiece for AFL football, on Saturday April 23rd 2016 at 4.05pm.

This game has the two pillars of sportsmanship and respect displayed at the highest order.  The ACES and ADF All Star players spend a week in Adelaide preparing for this fiercely contested game, which has a 12 year history with the ADF All Stars leading 7-5.

You can stream the game live using the link below: