MFS marches with Pride

MFS marches with Pride

MFS Image - 2018 Pride March IMG_1001

The Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS), SA Country Fire Service (CFS) and State Emergency Service (SES) celebrated diversity at Adelaide’s 45th annual Pride March in November 2018.

It was the MFS’ third consecutive Pride March, the second for CFS personnel and the first for the SES, cementing what’s become an annual emergency services tradition.

MFS Chief Officer, Michael Morgan said Pride March is an important event on Adelaide’s calendar that the emergency services sector proudly supports.



“Up to 40 MFS firefighters, staff and family members marched this year with United Firefighters Union (UFU) representatives, alongside our CFS, SES, SA Ambulance Service and Police peers.

“Pride March is a wonderful celebration. We participate to recognise the diversity both within the emergency services sector - and the communities we protect and serve across the state,” MFS Chief Officer Morgan said.

CFS Acting Chief Officer, Andrew Stark said it’s great to show support for the diversity of our thousands of CFS volunteers.

“Everyone in CFS should feel welcome within our service and the whole of emergency services, which is why we participated in this year’s Pride March,” CFS Acting Chief Officer Andrew Stark said.

SA State Emergency Service (SES) Chief Officer, Chris Beattie said the SES values diversity in both its volunteer membership and staff.MFS Image - 2018 Pride March IMG_1034

“It is important that we have an organisational culture that allows all volunteers and staff to participate fully and equally in the workplace and in the broader community,” Mr Beattie said.

The MFS looks forward to marching with emergency services and the community again next year!