2017 Koala rescue

2017 Koala rescue

‘Kelli’ the koala has a remarkable tale of survival.MFS Image - Kelli behind the wheel

After being hit by a car, she endured a 16 kilometre drive through the Adelaide Hills clinging to the wheel axle of a 4WD before she was found peering out from behind the wheel.

Fauna Rescue of SA was called in and they attempted to prise the koala out but were not having any luck, so the MFS was called.

MFS Image - Kelli with no wheelMFS firefighters from Paradise Station then effected one of the most unusual rescues they’ve ever had to perform.

Using a socket from their tool kit, firefighters removed the wheel nuts and slowly took the wheel off the vehicle to find the little rescue subject clinging on for dear life, clearly stressed but appearing otherwise relatively unscathed.

Careful not to be on the wrong end of the traumatised koala’s claws, rescuers managed to remove her from under the car and rushed her to a local vet where she was given a full check up.

While physically unscathed, it was discovered that the female Koala had recently been lactating and despite several days of searching by a Fauna Rescue team member, sadly her joey was not found.MFS Image - Kelli in care

After a few days of rest Kelli the Koala recovered from her ordeal and was released back into the area where she is believed to have come from. She was last seen snoozing comfortably in a eucalyptus tree.

Estimated to be six years old, Kelli was named after one of the MFS firefighters who rescued her.

From time to time MFS personnel work with the Fauna Rescue SA team. If members of the public have concerns about the welfare of a local koala they’re welcome to call Fauna Rescue of SA’s Koala Hotline on 1300 KOALAS (1300 562 527).