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MFS urges householders to stay safe in the kitchen


Following a burning oil fire on a stove this afternoon at Paralowie, where the occupant was transported to hospital with burns, the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) urges all householders to follow these tips:

- Never leave cooking unattended.
- Use extra caution when cooking with oils. Heat cooking oils slowly.
- Never throw water onto an oil or fat fire. Use a fire blanket, cooking utensil lid or a Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguisher.
- Never try to move a pan that has caught on fire. This may result in spillage, injury and the spreading of fire.
- Lids of pots and pans (when the pot/pan is in use but the lid is not) should be readily available on the bench top. The use of oven mittens and a lid is an effective method of smothering a small pot or pan fire. If the fire does not go out immediately, evacuate your home before calling triple zero for help.
- Turn pot/pan handles inward so they cannot be knocked over and are out of the reach of children. (Note: Not over another element that is turned on.)
- If a fire occurs in the oven, turn the oven off and leave the door closed to smother the fire. If the fire does not go out, evacuate your home before calling triple zero for help.
- Remove all grease and oil from cooking surfaces before you cook.
- Keep combustible materials away from the cooking area.
- Wear clothes with short or tight-fitting sleeves. Loose garments can easily catch fire.

The MFS urges householders to buy an approved fire blanket and a portable fire extinguisher to keep them safe in the kitchen. A Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguisher with a minimum rating of 5B (E) is recommended.
Metropolitan Commander Allan Foster said, "Even if you have a small fire on the stove and believe you've completely extinguished it, you should still call triple zero for fire response. Firefighters will ensure the fire hasn't spread to the roof space above flues and fans, and will not charge for attendance.
"In addition, familiarise yourself with the fire blanket or extinguisher instructions now, so you know what to do if a fire starts," he said.
The MFS urges householders to combine the above safety tips with photo-electric smoke alarms that are less than 10 years old and a Home Fire Escape Plan.

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