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Incident Name: DRY CREEK

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MFS advises that crews are responding to a rubbish fire at a waste depot.

The emergency is located at Hanson Road north, Wingfield.

The emergency is causing smoke to be present in the north western suburbs, particularly, Wingfield, Dry Creek and Angle Park. While the fire does not present any threat to the public, residents are advised to close all windows and doors to reduce the smell of smoke. Road users are advised to not travel in the area around the Port River Expressway and Hanson Road North, Wingfield unless absolutely necessary. Smoke may reduce visibility and there will be significant movement of emergency service vehicles and personnel over the next 2 hours as relief firefighting crews are put in place. We ask that motorists who do need to travel in the area use caution. .

While the MFS is aware of this incident, if you notice a different emergency incident that is unattended, call "000".

For information, listen to your local emergency services broadcaster, or visit the MFS website

Repeating, MFS advises that crews are responding to a rubbish fire at a waste depot.

The location of the emergency is Hanson Road north, Wingfield.

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