Stage 3: Physical Aptitude Test 1 (PAT 1) - Shuttle Run

Stage 3:  Physical Aptitude Test 1 (PAT 1) - Shuttle Run

Applicants invited to contest the PAT 1 - Shuttle Run will be sent a Medical Examiner's Declaration and an Applicant's Declaration as well as instructions/explanation of the assessment prior to their test date.

The Medical Examiner's Declaration must be completed and signed by a Doctor prior to participation in the PAT 1, at the applicant's expense.

The PAT 1 consists of the Shuttle Run/Beep Test. You will be required to achieve a level of 9.6 in order to proceed to the next stage.

The PAT 1 test will be held at the MFS Adelaide Station gymnasium. On the test day, you are required to bring:

  • proof of identity
  • evidence of ability to permanently reside in Australia
  • your completed Medical Examiner's Declaration, and
  • your Applicant's Declaration.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to view the video below that further explains the process of the PAT 1 and 2. More information regarding the test can be found in this document (PDF, 66 KB).



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