Stage 1

Information session

An information session will be held to explain in further detail information regarding the position and this will also afford you the opportunity to present any questions.

Literacy assessment

The Literacy Assessment will include dictation of a short paragraph.

Abilities and Numeracy assessments

Below are examples of questions and scenarios similar to those that you may encounter in the assessment.

Sample Questions: Retained Firefighter Abilities Tests

Sample Question 1

Choose the word that best completes the following sentence.


Firefighter Ryan was so ___________, he had worked 12 hours straight.

a)     tried

b)     tired

c)     tied

d)     tiring


Sample Question 2

MFS regional recruitment sample question

Sample Questions; Retained Firefighter Numeracy Tests

Sample Question 3

What is 12% of 3000?

Sample Question 4

A task, which took 45 minutes to complete, finished at 2208 hours.

At what time was the task started?


Correct Answers:

Abilities Test

1. B

2. B

Numeracy Test

3. 360

4. 09:23 p.m. or 2123 hours


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