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Recruit Training

Do I get paid during my initial training to become a firefighter?

Yes. Recruits are paid from their commencement date with the MFS, in accordance with the Recruit Firefighter Award Rate. The current gross rate of pay for Recruit firefighters is $962.82 per week (current as of 1/1/18, as per the SA Metropolitan Fire Service Enterprise Agreement) (PDF. 2.3 MB).

When and where does the recruit course take place?

The majority of the Recruit Course takes place at the Angle Park Training Centre, with various components held also at the Adelaide Metropolitan Fire Station. There is also a 5 day live-in component at the CFS State Training Centre in Brukunga.

How many weeks is the Recruit Course?

The recruit training course is generally of 75 work days or approximately 15 weeks duration, however this may be extended due to public holidays etc within the training period.

Is there a live-in component to the Recruit training course?

There is a four (4) night live-in component at the CFS State Training Centre at Brukunga in the Adelaide Hills (approximately 45 minutes from the Adelaide CBD). This occurs around week 13 of the training course.

Station Officer Steven Trowse instructs recruits at Angle park Training Centre.

Employment and Conditions

Is there a probationary period?

Yes, there is a probationary period of 12 months following commencement of the Recruit Squad and provided that required competencies, as defined within the MFS Staff Development Framework, have been achieved.

Will I be posted to Port Pirie or Mount Gambier where full-time crews operate?

If you are made an offer for employment, it is possible that it may be for Port Pirie or Mount Gambier where full-time crews are employed. If you choose to decline that offer, you will be placed on the list for an offer in the next recruit course, should another be scheduled.

Can I choose what station I work at?

All recruits select a preference for their permanent station, although a position at that station is not guaranteed at time of graduation. You may be required to work as a reliever - working at any and all fire stations within the MFS Metropolitan Commands, possibly for many years, before obtaining a permanent position at your preferred station.

Does the MFS accept transfers from interstate or overseas firefighters?

There is no provision for lateral transfers from other States or Territories within Australia, or other countries. All applicants must go through the full selection process as detailed on the website and if successful, must complete the full recruit training course.

Prior service as a firefighter in another fire authority will not be recognised for purposes of seniority or promotion in the MFS. However, following the completion of one year of service, personnel may apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL) for progression through the MFS Staff Development Framework, up to the rank of Senior Firefighter only.

What are the pay rates when assigned to shift?

Rates of pay and other employment conditions are prescribed in the SA Metropolitan Fire Service Enterprise Agreement (PDF, 2.33 MB).