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Selection Process

How long does the process take?

The MFS Recruitment and Selection process is a rolling program of assessments. Each assessment has a lifecycle, or a period where the results of that assessment remain valid. Online applications are valid for 2 years, during which time applicants may be called forward to participate in various components of the process.

An application may take anywhere from 5 to 24 months to progress from application to offer.

How much notification is given before each testing stage?

We endeavour to provide as much notice as possible, but you may only be given one (1) weeks notice to attend any stage of the process.

For approximate time frames, please refer to the Application and Recruitment Timetable. Be advised that this timetable is subject to change without notice.

Does the Personality Profiling and Abilities component include a physical assessment?

The Personality Profiling and Abilities Assessment is now known as the Cognitive Ability Assessment and the Personality and Behaviour Assessment. Both assessments are now conducted online and can be undertaken at home, unsupervised. There are no physical requirements for these assessments.

Please be advised that stringent security measures are in place during and after the Assessments to ensure applicant authenticity. There may be significant consequences if an applicant is found to be unauthentic.

Can I obtain a copy of previous tests?

Previous tests are not available. This website, however, provides information and sample questions in the How to Join section, under Stage 4 Written Assessments.

Can I negotiate when or where I can sit the tests?

Candidates must be available in Adelaide, South Australia for both Physical Aptitude Tests and Interview. Applicants will be required to attend on the day and at locations as nominated by the MFS.

However, where an applicant is unable to attend on the grounds of illness or extenuating circumstances, they may be scheduled another test date, at a time determined by the MFS and subject to medical clearance. Applicants will be required to produce a medical certificate or other evidence as determined by the MFS. Should a medically certified illness keep an applicant from sitting the test for a period exceeding the duration over which the tests are being conducted, the applicant will be rescheduled to the next available opportunity subject to lifecycle validity.

Does previous training or experience in emergency service organisations help my application? (ie. MFS, CFS, SES other fire services nationally)

Previous qualifications and/or experience related to emergency services, specifically firefighting, may improve an applicant's understanding of the role of a firefighter and assist them to demonstrate skills and knowledge during the recruitment process.

The MFS encourages Retained Firefighters and members of other emergency service organisations to apply for Full-Time Firefighter positions because of their valued knowledge and experience gained in those roles.

Are there any preferred subjects of study that may assist my application?

While there are no specific areas of study that would necessarily increase the success of your application, a level of aptitude in numeracy, literacy and writing abilities is required.

Successful applicants for the role of Firefighter come from a variety of professional backgrounds and bring a wide range of experience and diversity to the job.

How fit do I need to be to pass the physical testing?

The Physical Aptitude Tests (PAT 1 and PAT 2) are explained in the How to Join section, which includes a video link. You are encouraged to train for the tests.

How many vacancies are you recruiting for?

Vacancies for the position of firefighter with the MFS are determined by operational requirements within the MFS. The number of vacancies can fluctuate due to retirements, promotions, and other reasons. Consequently, it may vary between recruitment campaigns.

Who can I contact for results of my tests?

Results of the stages of testing will not be made available to individuals other than that information provided in correspondence following each stage.

Feedback on the results of the Cognitive Ability Assessment and the Personality and Behaviour Assessment will not be made available by the MFS, to applicants or any other parties, as these are the property of the administrators.

Feedback on interview will be provided as soon as possible after the interview is conducted.