Profiles: Liam

Firefighter Liam

Name: Liam

Rank: Firefighter

Years in the Service: 2 years

Previous employment: Lifeguard, Health Sciences Student

Liam is a firefighter who joined the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) in September 2017. After finishing his health sciences degree, Liam decided to change his career path to firefighting.


He joined the MFS because of his desire to help others, which was gained through his experience in Surf Life Saving, and after completing his degree.


“Obviously, the skills are not exactly the same as lifesaving but there are a lot of transferable skills in terms of helping people and responding to emergencies,” he said.


Once he commenced his employment, Liam was surprised by the close bond that formed between him and his colleagues.


“The station is really like a home. You are living with a bunch of other firefighters and they become your family. There is an element of danger that comes with the job and you go through that experience together. So, it is quite different from other jobs and you develop a strong bond,” he said.


Liam believes that ongoing training and development is key to the job satisfaction he gets from working as a firefighter.


“I really love finishing up a day at work and having that feeling of accomplishment and that you helped someone. You get to look after people and even if you haven’t been at an incident that day, you have been undertaking training and that gives you a good feeling.”


Liam says that the flexibility of the role enables him to dedicate time to his volunteering and support his fiancé.


“Further down the line, we intend to have a family. I can see that my colleagues who are parents have a good work life balance and are able to put in a good amount of time to their relationships and children’s lives,” Liam said.