Profiles: Dylan

Senior Firefighter Dylan

Name: Dylan

Current Rank: Senior Firefighter

Years in the Service: 12 years

Previous employment: Information Technology

Dylan is a Senior Firefighter with 12 years of experience at the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS). He joined as a career-changer who was looking for a physically demanding role where he could help the community.


“I have a degree in Information Technology (IT) and had a 12-year career in that field. However, sitting in an office all day didn’t suit my needs and I wanted something that was more active.


“I lived with a firefighter when I was working in IT in the United Kingdom and that’s where the seed was originally planted. He gave me the run down about how it all works, as the UK fire service is very similar to here, and that sparked my interest.


“It is a community-spirited team here at the MFS, and our goal is to protect the community. I was keen to join the MFS as it is known for its loyal and respectful employees,” Dylan said.


Dylan believes that being a firefighter at the MFS is a great job because it offers flexibility, diversity, a physical challenge and ongoing learning.


“It really is the best job in the world. Once you’re a firefighter, you have a career for life. The culture and environment are very dynamic, and you go to work each day and you get to work on something different. You have access to ongoing training. The flexibility of the role, what you can do and the impact you can have is amazing. There are not too many jobs where you look forward to going back to work after you’ve been on leave,” he said.


Dylan is a father to two young daughters and loves to use his time off to go on family holidays overseas, where they go skiing, snowboarding or surfing.


“It does fit in with family life. The flexibility is there – the core values are there – and that’s what it is all about,” he said.