Profiles: Brooke

Senior Firefighter Brooke

Name: Brooke

Rank: Senior Firefighter

Years in the Service: 12 years

Previous employment: Marketing

Brooke joined the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) as a Firefighter, aged 21 years – with a strong family history of firefighting. She was proud to continue the legacy of firefighting in her family.


“My father, grandfather and uncle were all firefighters, so I have been surrounded by firefighters all my life. They were strong role models and they loved their work. Firefighting was something that resonated with me, and I knew I wanted to pursue it as a career from an early age,” she said.


Brooke feels lucky that she has a job which gives her so much scope for learning and for meaning, and it’s a job for life.


“In terms of values, there are three things that I value. Number one is job satisfaction because I think you need to enjoy what you do and feel valued and respected. Number two is stability – that’s stability of shifts and knowing that I have a solid job for the rest of my life. And number three is growth and progression, so that you don’t get stagnant or bored,” Brooke said.


Brooke finds the flexibility of the MFS really supportive, as a shift-worker and a mum to two young children. Her husband is also a firefighter.


“As my husband and I are both firefighters we work opposite shifts, which enables us to care for our children. This flexibility really works for our family.”


Brooke would encourage others to apply to become a firefighter with the MFS, as it offers a satisfying and diverse career.


“Being a firefighter with the MFS means you have a satisfying job for life, with a diverse range of areas and specialties, ongoing training, the ability to keep fit, flexibility, and a sense of meaning for providing a valuable service to the community. You can’t beat that.”