About the Job

Full Time Firefighters

The MFS responds to a broad range of emergencies that include:

  • Fires- residential and commercial

  • Road accidents- clean up and road crash rescue

  • Rescues- high angle, industrial, residential, animal

  • Hazmat- chemical and hazardous material threats

  • USAR- urban search and rescue, earthquakes, natural disasters.

Firefighting is a rewarding career with opportunity for ongoing career development, but it is not for everyone. If you are contemplating a career with the MFS as a firefighter, consider the following:

  • A good firefighter is community minded, a quick thinker, problem solver, team player, is physically fit and healthy, and can use good judgement and initiative.

  • Being a firefighter can be physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. The people we help may be distressed, injured or may die. You may need to work around or assist these people.

  • Firefighters must exhibit the highest standards of behaviour and professional conduct. They must interact with the public with respect and dignity.

  • Being a firefighter isn’t always exciting. Firefighters are required to maintain equipment and clean station quarters on a daily basis.

  • The MFS is a paramilitary organisation which operates on a clearly defined command structure. Firefighters are expected to follow orders and direction, to support effective performance.

  • Firefighters are required to complete study modules for a minimum of 6 years once they have completed the recruit course.

  • Firefighters work on a shift roster over four days (two, 10 hour days followed by two, 14 hour nights), which will include working on weekends and public holidays. This system offers a great deal of flexibility for family life but may also mean you will work on Christmas Day, Easter and other special days.

  • Firefighters are allocated time each day to keep fit in the station gym. Maintaining fitness and operational capacity levels is a vital role of a firefighter.

  • The MFS is committed to diversifying its workforce, and encourages men, women, and people from culturally diverse backgrounds to apply. All applicants must meet the same stringent entry standards to be successful.

  • Firefighting is a highly skilled and thinking profession and firefighters are expected to continually develop their technical knowledge and expertise.

  • Firefighters must have the ability to work effectively in teams.

Fact sheets

Download further information about the job in the Fact Sheets below:

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (PDF, 780 KB)

Female Firefighters (PDF, 780 KB)

Recruit Training (PDF, 780 KB)

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