South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service - Challenge Your Potential!

The South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) is dedicated to providing an efficient and effective emergency service to the South Australian community.

MFS firefighters are responsible for protecting more than 90% of South Australia’s population, industry, assets and infrastructure from the effects of fire, chemical incidents, road crash incidents and other emergencies.

The MFS maintains a trained professional workforce, all of whom must meet the highest standards to ensure excellence in the provision of emergency services.

We are looking for men and women who are intelligent, community-minded, fit and healthy, to join our team of highly skilled, ethical and professional firefighters from all walks of life, to help anyone, anywhere, anytime, in any emergency situation.

The MFS recognises the value of gender and cultural diversity in the workplace and strives towards aligning staffing to reflect the community it protects. The MFS encourages females and people from diverse cultural backgrounds to apply for positions as MFS Firefighters in metropolitan and regional areas.

The information in this section of the website is designed to provide all the information required with regard to the process, the pre-requisites and the training, so you can 'Challenge Your Potential' and apply for a Firefighter role with the MFS.


Message from the Chief Officer

Chief Officer Michael Morgan AFSM, MBA speaks about the skills and attributes of firefighters in the SAMFS recruitment strategy.


Our firefighters represent the best of our community's values. Find out more about what their job is really like.

Full Time Firefighters

The process of applying to become an MFS firefighter is comprehensive and extremely competitive. Find out more.


Not in a metro area, but still want to be a part of the MFS? Then becoming a retained firefighter may be for you.

Retained Firefighters

Retained firefighters are multi-skilled men and women from varying backgrounds who work part-time and on-call for the MFS covering 17 regional fire stations across South Australia.


Find out more about our firefighters.

Firefighter Profiles

See behind the uniform. Our firefighters come from all walks of life. Find out more about four of them, and see what attracted Liam, Brooke, Dylan and Samantha to take up a job that is difficult, but ultimately extremely rewarding.