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Service Agreement (Last updated April 2010)

  1. This service agreement covers the usage of the "Members Only" login function and any area of the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) web site that becomes accessible as a result.
  2. Only current members of the MFS, whose membership is recorded in the ESOTas system, may use the service.
  3. As MFS members, all staff are bound by the MFS Code of Conduct, which also applies to the use of this service.
  4. Members must logout from the service at the end of each use of the service.
  5. In using this service you must not use any automated process to access the service (such as a bot or spider).
  6. In using this service you must not attempt to modify, re-route, damage, disable, overburden or impair the service or interfere with anyone's use of the service.
  7. Membership details and associated passwords must be kept secret by individual members, and, you must notify the MFS if you learn of a security breach related to the service.
  8. The MFS reserves the right to discontinue, remove or change the service at its sole discretion for any reason, at any time and without notice.
  9. Customer support is not offered as part of this service.
  10. The South Australian Government disclaimer must be read in conjunction with this service agreement.

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