Frequently Asked Questions January 2009

Q1. How do I know if my building lines are affected by the VGDL decommissioning?

A. If you have received a letter from Telstra regarding your alarm connection lines then your building lines will be affected.

If you believe that you have VGDL's connecting your alarms to the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) and have not received a letter from Telstra or you would like to find out more about the changes to your VGDL service, please call your Telstra account manager, or if you do not have an account manager please call the Telstra Customer Enquiries Centre by dialing Freecallâ„¢ 1800 250 057 between 9am and 5pm (AEST) Monday to Friday.

Q2. Which line connects my building to the fire alarm monitoring centre at the MFS?

A. The Full National Number (FNN) eg N8064339P, that connects you to the MFS monitoring centre can be found on your Telstra bill. You will need to supply this number along with your premises and contact details as listed below to the MFS. These details will be requested in the initial letter you will receive from the MFS.


Alarm No.

Private line No (FNN)

Name of Premises

Street Number &
Street Name


Premises Owner & Billing Address

After Hours


Q3. When will I hear from the MFS?

A. The Chief Officer of the MFS has established a project team to transition all alarms from the current technology to the new transmission mode. This will require a new end of line alarm transponder at your premises.

The MFS is working closely with the Fire Service industry and your selected alarm maintenance provider will contact you prior to any changes being made to your fire alarm system.

Q4. Will I have to change my existing Romteck Alarm Transponder Unit (ATU) located in the Fire Indicator Panel (FIP)?

A. Yes. The current ATU will not work when the VGDL is decommissioned. The new data transmission solution will use different protocols, which will not communicate with the current ATU.

Q5. Who will carry out the ATU changeover at my FIP?

A. Your existing alarm maintenance provider or another of your choice will complete all the necessary work required.

Q6. Will my alarm monitoring be interrupted during this process?

A. No. The transition to the replacement transmission system will be seamless.

Q7. Will my MFS alarm monitoring fee alter?

A. The MFS will continue to use the current billing solution for its alarm monitoring costs.


Further information may be obtained by email.


Or by contacting:


MFS Technical Services (VGDL Decommissioning) on 8204 3600.