• Alarm systems and fire service monitoring of these systems are required in certain types of buildings under legislation such as the National Construction Code of Australia.
  • Alarm systems are primarily designed to warn occupants of a fire so they can safely evacuate the premises.
  • Correctly maintained and operating alarm systems are effective and proven life saving devices.
  • Failure to take advantage of this early warning, due to poor performance of an automatic fire alarm system, has cost people their lives.
  • Fire alarm systems are important in providing occupants of buildings prompt warning if a fire occurs.
  • Systems that are not properly installed or maintained may cause unwanted alarm activations. This has a negative effect on occupants' responses to genuine alarms and as a result downgrades their effectiveness.
  • The MFS is concerned about the level of complacency within the community when an automatic fire alarm operates.
  • It is important that unwanted alarm calls to the fire service are reduced, and as such, the MFS has initiated a campaign to reduce unwanted alarm activations.
  • You need to carefully consider the benefits that you can achieve by reducing the number of unwanted alarm activations generated at your premises.

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