If the alarm activation was unwanted, seek information on ways to eliminate or reduce the likelihood of it occurring again.

Addressing one or more of the following can reduce unwanted alarms:

  • modify occupant behaviour
  • manage malicious calls and manual call points (MCP's)
  • manage system faults and alarm maintenance
    • Fire Alarms Systems
    • Sprinkler Systems
  • building design issues
  • manage building maintenance works - information for dealing with workmen/contractors
  • modify the fire alarm system.

When organising meetings to discuss the problems and possible solutions the following people should be involved:

  • your Fire Alarm Contractor
  • a Representative of the Building Owner
  • the Building Manager
  • MFS Community Safety and Resilience Department staff
  • any others as deemed necessary by either the MFS or building management.

It is important to emphasise the need to clearly identify the real cause(s) before initiating any remedial action.

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