There are many possible solutions for minimising unwanted alarms. Modifying the system is the least favoured option however it may be the only solution in some cases. The MFS may be able to assist you and your fire alarm company by approving some modifications. Some modifications may also require the lodgement of a building application with a building certifier.

Possibilities include:

  • relocating detectors
  • changing types of detectors
  • upgrading to intelligent type of detector if the fire alarm panel can support this
  • removal of detectors where they are outside of the National Construction Code requirements
  • change MCP's to local alarm only
  • remove MCP's entirely
  • activate/install Alarm Verification Facility (AVF), Alarm Delay Facility (ADF or Alarm Acknowledgement Facility (AAF) if the fire alarm panel can support this (check with MFS Community Safety and Resilience Department)
  • disconnect from MFS alarm monitoring service if allowed under the National Construction Code of Australia and insurance requirements.

It should be noted that no modification of your fire alarm system should be undertaken without prior approval of the MFS.

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