Managing system faults and alarm maintenance

Unwanted alarm activations through a sprinkler system can occur for a variety of reasons such as:

  • faulty or malfunctioning sprinkler equipment
  • a leaking system or water system surge
  • poor work practices
  • a rise in mains pressure or a fall in installation pressure due to leaks.


  • Location and activating temperature of sprinkler heads should be considered.
  • Regular maintenance, servicing and testing of sprinklers.
  • Education of employees on where the sprinkler heads are located and how they work.
  • The installation of overhead barriers at car park access ways if vehicles are knocking sprinkler heads off.
  • Pressurise and monitor both town mains and tank fed systems.
  • Identify your system pressure, then check and record it daily - if any drop is evident then contact your maintenance company immediately.
  • Discuss with your maintenance company and insurance company the alternative devices used to monitor your sprinkler system for generating fire calls e.g. flow switches or pressure switches.
  • Your maintenance company can also recommend other devices that might be installed to reduce the incidence of unwanted alarm activations, e.g. automatic jacking pumps and protection barriers for sprinkler heads.

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