In all buildings with an automatic fire alarm system there is a need for a structured fire alarm system maintenance schedule to ensure optimum functionality.

Only properly accredited maintenance contractors should be employed to maintain your fire alarm system.

Fire alarm systems need to be cleaned, maintained and tested on a regular basis.

Alarm Maintenance and System Fault Recommendations

  • Be clear with fire alarm system contractors about the standard of service to be delivered.
  • Make an agreement with the maintenance technician as to when the technician is to be called following alarm activation.
  • Ask the technician to show you exactly what maintenance needs to be done.
  • Keep a logbook of all maintenance and changes to alarm systems.
  • Take an interest in ensuring fastidious attention to detail occurs with the introduction of a planned maintenance schedule.
  • Ensure maintenance is kept up to a contracted standard, including extended fire alarm maintenance periods to ensure full compliance with Australian Standard 1851.6 and Australian Standard 1851.8.
  • Provide advice to tenants at start of occupation, about optimum management of fire alarm systems.
  • Before becoming the owner/occupier/manager of a building fitted with an automatic fire alarm system establish that the fire alarm system is up to standard.
  • Conduct regular staff training in how to use the automatic fire alarm system.
  • Ensure staff and contractors that maintain fire alarm systems have the appropriate accreditation.
  • Fire alarm device/isolation procedures should be discussed and signed with workers/contractors.
  • Regular tests must be carried out on all detectors (Australian Standard 1851). The initial commissioning of a system must include a satisfactory test of all detectors.
  • Electrical conduits and detector bases should be sealed against insect infestation.
  • Ensure regular housekeeping is maintained to avoid dust build-up and to ensure doors are not wedged open to allow dust and insects to enter.
  • Ensure smoke doors are functioning correctly.
  • Ensure self-closing doors do actually close.

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