Always liaise with your fire alarm maintenance contractor.

Ensure regular maintenance and testing of your fire alarm system.

If planning any building alteration or major works, seek advice from your fire alarm contractor before commencing work.

Consider the following during building or maintenance work:

  • Does the work produce dust or fumes in or near an alarm-protected area?
  • Will activities involve penetrating or demolishing a wall or ceiling?
  • Will welding, gas cutting, use of heat guns, sanding or grinding be carried out?

During building or maintenance work ensure that:

  • smoke detectors are covered if work processes are likely to create unwanted alarm activations e.g. painting or dusting
  • where smoke detectors are fitted, equipment that emits dust or fumes, e.g. grinding machinery or exhaust fumes are run inside
  • smoke detectors are not fitted where smoke or steam is present inside buildings e.g. near toasters, kitchens or showers.
  • maintenance workers or other contractors do not cut fire alarm cabling.

Frequently check that manual call points have intact glass covers. Fit alarm covers or relocate manual call points to more visible locations where malicious calls have been a problem.

Inform guests or visitors to your building of ways to prevent unwanted alarm activations.

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