Pass on all information relevant about the fire alarm system to any caretaker manager or new owner/occupiers.

  • Know how to read the fire alarm display.
  • Know the relationship between the fire alarm zones, the mimic board/drawing and the building layout.
  • Check that the mimic board is accurate and correctly orientated.
  • Know how the fire alarm system functions.
  • Know how to use the Public Address (PA), Early Warning System (EWS), Early Warning and Intercommunication System (EWIS) if fitted.
  • Know the procedure to carry out when an alarm activates.

Check that all residents/occupiers know:

  • the fire evacuation procedures
  • the assembly area's
  • what to do when the alarm activates
  • their responsibilities when workmen come to do work in their room/area
  • how to live with the fire alarm system.

What should you do when the fire alarm activates? The most important thing to remember is that life always takes precedence over material loss.

The MFS is on the way and if you don't have time to check the zone/area then:

  • keep everyone calm
  • evacuate as per the building fire evacuation plan
  • assemble in the appropriate location
  • meet the MFS on arrival and let them know what you've done so far.

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