Hoses and Ladders Game

An interactive game for up to six players, aged five to adult.

Test your fire safety knowledge with the timeless game of hoses and ladders.

Key safety messages include:

  • If the house is on fire, get out and stay out
  • Turn off all electrical items before leaving home
  • Crawl low under smoke. Get down low and GO! GO! GO!
  • If your clothes catch fire, STOP, COVER, DROP and ROLL
  • Adults should test their smoke alarm every month
  • Everyone should have a home fire escape plan with an agreed family meeting place
  • Never play with matches and lighters, they are tools not toys
  • Treat burns with cool running water for 20 minutes
  • When the smoke alarm goes off, get out of the house.

This game can be downloaded as a PDF and printed on A3 paper to be played at home, or alternatively email our department for a printed version to be mailed to you.


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