Colouring In Sheet - In an Emergency Phone 000 (Triple Zero)

Recommended for all ages.

Most children will be able to tell you the number to call in an emergency, zero zero zero (000).

They may not however understand what an emergency is, what would happen to make them call 000.

  • Talk to them about the sort of situations when they should call 000 in relation to a fire.
  • Explain that if there is a grown up in the house they should go to the adult quickly rather than call 000 themselves.
  • Explain that fire gets out of control very quickly and everyone's safety depends on their actions.
  • Keep it simple for the young children.

With older children, talk about how they would ring 000 in the event of a fire.

  • Get out of the house immediately.
  • Warn others as they escap.
  • Phone 000 from outside the house or a neighbours house.
  • Never re-enter a burning house ever.
  • Wait for the fire service on the street.

And remember, 000 is the number for all emergencies, fire accident and police.

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