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Houseboating is enjoyed by many people. It is a great way to have fun and relax with family and friends. It is important for all passengers, when boarding a houseboat for the first time, familiarise themselves with the safety equipment located onboard.

Locate and check the following:

  • Fire extinguishers – read operating instructions carefully.
  • Smoke alarms – press and hold the test button on each alarm to ensure all alarms operate correctly.
  • Fire blanket in kitchen area (if installed). Read the instructions for use before you need them.
  • Fire buckets front and rear – check attached rope lines.
  • Personal flotation devices. Ensure there are sufficient for all occupants.
  • Know the radio procedure in case of an emergency.
  • First aid kit – check contents.

Other factors to be aware of:

  • Location and operation of LPG shut off valves in case of fire or leak
  • BBQ control valves to be turned off after use
  • If towing a powerboat:
    • Spare fuel must be secured in an approved container on the powerboat and must not be placed
      on the houseboat.
    • Refuel the powerboat onshore and clean up any spills immediately.
    • Do not smoke when refuelling and ensure there is no naked flame nearby.
    • Ensure that a suitable extinguisher is readily accessible in case of a fire.
    • Follow South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS), National Parks & Wildlife Service and Local Government regulations when having campfires or barbeques on shore.
  • Cooking and heating are the leading causes of fires in a home. Please refer to Cooking Fact Sheet and Home Heating Fact Sheet.
  • Be vigilant with candle use as well whilst houseboating. Please refer to Candles Fact Sheet.
  • A houseboat is no different to a residential home in relation to fire safety. Please refer to Fire In The Home Fact Sheet.

For further advice:


Phone: (08) 8204 3611

Country Callers: 1300 737 637

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