Monthly Fire Safety Tip

MFS Monthly Tip - January - Never overload powerboards

Electricity sparks warning!

Overloaded electrical circuits, faulty electrical equipment and misuse of electrical equipment are common causes of fire.    

The MFS recommends that you check electrical equipment regularly and repair or replace any frayed or cracked cords and appliances which don't work properly.

Never run extension cords under carpets or rugs, and don't piggy back double adaptors. Use a power board with a cut-out switch instead.

Make sure there is adequate ventilation around all electrical equipment and turn the power off at the power point for electrical equipment that does not require a power supply when not in use.

Use all electrical equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

The MFS recommends you take a moment to download our home fire safety information sheet on “Electrical Fire Safety” to ensure you and your family are prepared in the event of a house fire.



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