Monthly Fire Safety Tip

Christmas Lights and Fire Safety

MFS Image - Christmas Lights

Overloaded electrical circuits, faulty electrical equipment and misuse of electrical equipment are common causes of house fires.

Many families put Christmas lights up to decorate their homes during the festive season and the MFS wants to ensure that if you use electric powered Christmas lights, that you do so safely.

Cords may heat up when drawing heavy electrical loads and the heat can't escape when the cord is covered or rolled up. Over time this can cause a fire. In addition, when the cord is covered or left rolled up, you can't see any wear or damage occurring.

Replace any frayed, cracked or damaged electrical cords or extension cords.

Use power-boards with an overload cut-out switch rather than double adaptors.

Never use water in an attempt to extinguish an electrical fire.

Ensure that new electrical items are compliant with an Australian Standard. Look for a compliance statement and/or the Standards Australia 'five ticks' symbol on the packaging. (Pictured below)


The MFS recommends you take a moment to download our home fire safety fact sheet on “Electrical Fire Safety” to ensure you and your family are well prepared to enjoy the festive season ahead.