Home Fire and Life Safety Fact Sheets

The Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) is committed to reducing the risk of fire and other emergencies through the provision of preventative and risk mitigation services.

Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the following MFS Home Fire and Life Safety fact sheets. All sheets can be translated using the Google Translate option at the top right hand corner of each page.

MFS is pleased to provide these fact sheets in a variety of formats including downloadable PDF files and Audio files. Look for the icons at the top of each page. 

MFS will endeavour to provide individual fact sheets in alternate formats on request. To request an alternative format, please contact us on (08) 8204 3611 or email samfscommunitysafety@sa.gov.au


Brush Fences


Cleaning Up After a Fire

Clothes Dryers


Electric Blankets

Electrical Hazards

Electronic Devices

Extinguishing a Fire

Fire Blankets

Fire Extinguishers For Domestic Use 

Fire In The Home 

Fire Safety Equipment Disposal

Hazardous Materials

Home Cooling

Home Fire Escape Plan

Home Heating

Home Security

House Boats

J-FLIP - Juvenile Fire Lighters Intervention Program

Multi-Storey Residential Buildings

Power Outages

Recreational Marine Fire Safety

Recreational Vehicles

RAP - Road Awareness Program

Roof Spaces

Self-Heating and Spontaneous Ignition

Smoke Alarm Disposal

Smoke Alarm Legislation

Smoke Alarm Quick Guide

Smoke Alarm Servicing Schedule

Smoke Alarms

Smoking Hazards

The Elderly and People with Disabilities

Therapeutic Wheat Bags

Vehicle Fires

What to do if your clothes catch fire