Change your clock Change your smoke alarm battery

Change your clock! Change your smoke alarm battery!

On Sunday 5th of April when you turn your clocks back, the fire services recommend that you also change your smoke alarm batteries and back-up batteries.

At the same time, the fire services recommend that you check the age of your smoke alarms.

No matter what type of smoke alarms are installed or how they are powered (battery or 240 volt mains powered) after 10 years they're too old to rely on. They can take longer to respond to smoke, or might not even work at all. 

Don't take a chance. This year instead of just replacing your smoke alarm batteries at the end of daylight saving, check the age of your smoke alarms first and replace them if they are 10 years or older.

The fire services recommend that when you replace old smoke alarms you upgrade from the basic minimum required by law.

Contact your electrician to upgrade your smoke alarms with:

  • smoke alarms that comply with AS3786;
  • photo-electric smoke alarms that are connected to the mains power supply (ie hard wired)
  • smoke alarms in all bedrooms, in passageways leading to bedrooms and in living areas; and
  • smoke alarms that are all interconnected with one another.

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